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feet wide apart男人j桶进女人p无遮挡动态图

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feet wide apart男人j桶进女人p无遮挡动态图

It was nearly 10PM and I was finishing up some online school work and a university app when I got the text. ‘Danny…this has to stop.’ It read. ‘when did u plan 2 stop with lover-boy?’ I sent back.Sarah sighed. Don was in his room, doing schoolwork, and her boyfriend wouldn’t be home for another hour. “Danny, please,” she texted, “You know this must end, I’m begging you.”Acknowledging she was right would give her power, and that wasn’t going to happen, yet I knew I had to give her a glimmer of hope, because she was getting very desperate. ‘tomorrow’ I simply texted, and tossed the phone aside.***Sarah’s boyfriend gave her a quick kiss and was out the door. He was off to the gym for a morning workout with his guys, and he would meet her for lunch. She was having real pangs of guilt as of late. It was one thing to be forced to give up her body as she was doing, but it was something altogether worse to be enjoying it. She hadn’t offered herself to him for more than a week, and it was all due to her own personal greed. But she kept a good face for him, letting him squeeze her butt and breasts before he left.I smiled as I watched the car back out of the drive, then go up the street. He had his gym bag, so that meant time. Best part was, Don was gone too. I crossed the street, thru the neighbor’s yard, and hopped the fence, then texted ‘@ ur patio door’‘Ah SHIT’ Sarah thought. Her stomach knotted, but she knew she had to answer it, and fast. ‘He must have cut thru the neighbor’s yard, thank goodness they’re at work.’ She thought, as went quickly to the back and opened the door for Danny Goddard. “Danny, what the hell are you doing/you want to get caught?” she exclaimed.I just grinned and said “Shut up Sarah.” Seeing her look of indignation made me hard. She was wearing a robe, which she had tightened when letting me in. I grabbed the sash and tugged it saying “Come on woman, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Tugging the robe and letting it fall to the floor I saw she was wearing only a T-shirt and some cotton panties & commented “Thought I told you I only wanted you in satin & lace.”“that’s only when I am putting up with you, and don’t tell me to shut up in my own home, Mister.” Sarah snapped back.I chuckled…then grabbed Sarah by her arm and, tossing a pillow over the arm of her couch, bent her over it. “Maybe you need a reminder of who’s in control here.” I said, as I JERKED her panties down.“Hey – N-NOoooo!” Sarah called out, but she knew it was no use. She tried to stand back up, only to be pushed down even harder. Next thing she knew, her panties were tugged to her ankles, and she could feel a squishy lubricant being rubbed on the outside of her vagina. He stepped between her ankles, and Sarah grunted as she felt the now familiar invader push it’s way inside her.PUUSH…then hold and grind, followed by another hard PUUSH-stroke. I held her hips as I power-fucked what I owned, slamming myself in without a care or remorse. I enjoyed her grunts and reactions as I did so. I grabbed a handful of hair, saying “MY – thrust – FUCK – thrust-thrust – TOY – thrust-thrust” and when I reached under and pinched her nipples, Sarah Holland she put her face down in the couch cushion and began to lightly moan as I continued.Sarah just wanted it to be over. This time, and every time. So she let him fuck her like a piece of meat. But the simple truth was, part of Sarah LIKED it, and she found herself moaning to the pounding she was getting. The nipples being pinched and tugged really made her mind spin, but no, she had to make it stop. It HAD to stop. “Dah-Danny….” She said between grunts “Ahhh….Danny P-P-Please-eee….”“Whose? – thrust-thrust – Whose fuck-toy? – thrust-thrust” I said loudly. “TELL ME…”“Ahhh – grunt-grunt – Y-Yours…” Sarah finally said…”I’M – grunt-grunt –YOUR FUH – YOUR FUCK – grunt-grunt – FUCK TOY!!…” and with that she felt her womb being filled with her torturers seed. At least it was fast, & he emitted a loud groaning “yes-s-sssss….” as he did so, and then she felt him slip out of her.“Glad to see you understand your place,” I said, stepping back. There were some tissues on the end table, and I plucked a few out of the box, and wiped off my shriveling, wet cock. I tucked it back into my sweats and had a seat on the couch, feet wide apart, pointing at a spot between my feet.Obediently, Sarah did as indicated, pulling her panties up as she did so. She didn’t like being made to sit on the floor of her own home, between her torturers’ feet, but if it brought this to an end, so be it. “Danny, this has to stop. I just can’t – I can’t keep being used like this. It isn’t… it isn’t right. Danny please….”“Yet you admit that part of you likes it. The way your body reacts tells me so.” I said“Ok…I-I admit I have a reaction,” Sarah said, “but Danny I am sure he suspects. We ARE going to get caught, and you know this can’t go on forever“.‘Dammit, she was right, and I didn’t realize the BF suspected,日韩 精品 综合 丝袜 制服’ I thought, as Sarah whined. “Well, I have given thought to what you shave been saying, and I have an idea.” I finally said.“Oh?” Sarah responded, “Danny, just tell me…I’ll do it.”“Well, aren’t you a desperate one…” I responded mockingly“We’re close to getting caught. I was wrong to start an affair, and mentally, it’s killing me.” Sarah said, then added, “and yes, I’m that desperate.”I was pretty sure Sarah was getting close to just spilling the beans and letting the cards fall where they may, and THAT put me on thin ice; ice that would break and likely put me in deep shit, so yeah, the end was near.“Whelp, look at the time,” I said glancing at my watch as I stood, “The hubby will be back, and soon. So here is what you’re going to do. I know Your son and husband will be out of town day after tomorrow. So you’re going to rent a room over at the Coombs Inn just over the bridge in Apalach. I particularly like the ones that face the water. You & I are going to have one last, oh-so-long roll in the hay, fucking each other’s brains out, then off you’ll go, free.”Sarah blinked; at last there was light at the end of the tunnel! “so you’ll hand over what you have, right?” and without waiting she said , “Yep, I’m in.”After her tormentor left, Sarah was so relieved, she genuinely smiled. There was a genuine end to this. She could bury this awful segment of her life & rebuild/fix any damage done to her relationship. Sarah’s ‘man’ was home now, she could hear him coming thru the house as she finished cleaning Danny Goddard’s goo out of her. Only barely drying herself, she went out to “greet” her boyfriend, intending to get a start repairing any damage done.The day before, I sent a text. ‘All set?’Sarah shook her head, seeing who it was from, simply answering “YES”I was smiling when I got another text from her “So you will hand over the video then?”“@ next morning, yes. U go free, assuming you can walk OK” I said, adding “Check in is @ 4PM. C U then.”***I had been sitting across just down and across from the Coombs when the wolf saw his prey pull in. he gave her a few minutes in order to check in. The wolf started his car, and smiled as his prey exited the office and glanced up at the corner room. I (the wolf) had bribed the desk clerk with a $50 to place his prey (Sarah Holland) where he wanted her. His pants were tented already as he put the truck in gear and let out the clutch. ‘Let the games begin’ said the wolf, avoiding the urge to release a howl.Sarah had not been instructed to do anything beyond rent the room. She found, upon entering the upper-story room, that it was actually quite nice. Hardwood floor, wrought iron bed, large bay window overlooking the town with the Gulf a block away, and all of it in a Victorian house to boot. Would be romantic, were it not for the reason she was here.“Here,” Sarah Holland texted, after taking a deep breath. “Uppermost room, 313”It was hard to not picture myself as a wolf. Afterall, I had been a predator this entire time, and Sarah Holland played the part of the victim, but her body’s reaction told me that she was less the prey than she preferred to have me believe, & I intended to prove that out one last time. ‘Good,’ I responded, ‘you are to answer the door fully naked. Confirm.’ I got my answer as I pulled into the lot. Parking the truck out front, I decided to make my fuck toy wait before I went up.Sarah could not believe that a certain part of her enjoyed being made to strip and then wait. She had tried to label this as relief that she was near the end of this ordeal, but deep down, something nagged at her, and Sarah understood what it was, she made a deliberate decision to ignore it.The air in the room was cool across her nipples and her sex as she stood there, waiting. It was hard not to anticipate. It was a shame, Sarah thought. Many women her ag would consider it a high compliment for someone almost half their age to show desire for them. Some of her friends would sure act on it. And while Danny Goddard was average in looks and build, his dick his willingness to use it actually made her just a bit wet at the thought. Dammit, she was anticipating that kid. What was taking him so long?



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