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so the question was故意短裙公车被强好爽在线播放

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so the question was故意短裙公车被强好爽在线播放

(I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS!!!Please give me a positive vote and also your thoughts and comments - what did you like, and what would you change?)After his orgasm, Jay took a moment to catch his breath, and pulled his toy up into the bed with him, did something he had not yet done. Rolling her on to her stomach, Jay was sure his toy was wondering what was about to happen. Truth was, Jay was rather tired himself, and he need a bit to recharge. So reaching over to the nightstand, Jay grabbed the bottle of lotion he had noticed earlier. “Lay still” he said very quietly and then, starting with her calves, Jay applied a bit of lotion to each, and slowly, caringly, he began to give his toy a thorough rub, starting at her calves, and ‘working up.’Anna was thankful it was her hubby’s poker night, although they had several hours ‘till then. Anna pushed the thought of what was going on out of her head, just concentrated on the moment. And right now, getting a rather nice rub-down after some really strenuous sex made her feel very special. Anna was sure, or perhaps surely hopeful, that Her Lover would take her again, but at the moment, she just relaxed and enjoyed. Soon, Her Lover had worked himself to her hips, followed by her upper back, and for that, he was straddling her. She could feel his cock as it lay on the crack of her ass, there seemed to be ‘more’ of it than when Her Lover started, and she wondered what would happen next.Jay had always appreciated that his fuck toy had a great body, but the rub really emphasized it. Especially since the women he’d been with so far, at half his toy’s age, did not have half the attractiveness. Finishing, Jay lay beside his toy, and looked at her, then whispered “Damn you have a great body.” With care, he rolled his toy to face him, and as he moved closer, she was quick to accept his kiss, and his tongue. He touched her arm, and instantly she responded, taking his cock in her hand, giving it a light squeeze. Softly, he said “Toy, -oooh- I would say I’ve really put you through the ringer this week,” and he liked her chuckle and smile. Taking his free hand, Jay gave her beast a squeeze, her nipple a light tug, then he continued, “and I have enjoyed exploring with you.” As Jay said this, he moved his hand to her pubic hair, enjoying how she held his rising dick, “and I am betting, I have really put you through it, right?” As he said this, Jay moved his hips to make his dick rub the outside of his toy’s pussyAnna was again enjoying her lover’s attention. For just a moment she allowed herself to be the center of Her Lover’s world, and his treatment, his touching, his soft voice, made it all OK - It made her feel like a schoolgirl all over again, so she was happy to kiss him. All men have a taste, and she like the taste of Her Lover. She enjoyed holding his C**K in her hands, listening to him talk to her, the feel of Her Lover rubbing against her, so the question was, all in all, not offensive. Breaking into a smile she nodded “yes…yes you have” she replied.“So what we have been doing has been about sex, about pushing boundaries,” Jay said, and pushing his dick down, the placed it against his toy’s pussy. Smiling at her tiny gasp he whispered, “But I intended this – “ and moved his hips forward just a bit, “to be about..”“Pleasure…” Anna responded, then he gave Her Lover a kiss, enjoying his tongue. When Anna wanted something, she was not shy about it a bit, so laying on her side, she moved her hips forward to. She took her ‘free’ knee and placed it on Her Lover’s hip and, keeping eye contact, she bit her lip and whispered “Ja-a-a-ay…” as she felt Her Lover enter her. Coiling her calf and leg behind Her Lover, she pulled him in, and began to move herself to make Her Lover’s cock slide in and out of her, all the while keeping her stare.Jay didn’t slam himself into her. Jay didn’t extend his dominance or control. Jay just concentrated on making love to this incredible woman. Being inside her was like a warm, wet silky glove, and he liked that she was quick to welcome him. He could feel her body moving thru his dick. He could feel himself delivering pleasure to this woman, and he enjoyed receiving it. Sliding his hand along her leg, he held her hip firmly and continued to push into her in his standard, slow rhythm. They were kissing now, and the taste of her mouth was like a fine elixir.Anna willingly allowed Her Lover inside her, in fact that dark little corner in her mind wanted him…and that part she was willingly allow to take over. Anna & Her Lover moved on to her back, with Him in classic Missionary position, and she whispered a soft “yesss-s-s-s…” to his thrusting, which did increase, especially so when she lifted one leg.. Anna was sensitive still, but the additional ‘flow’ of her juices, something she was not used to her body doing, more than compensated. Anna’s Lover, as she now thought of him, was actually rather handsome. He was one of those young men on the verge of going from cute to hot, and so she allowed that dark little corner in her mind to drink in the experience of having him over her, the feel of him inside her. The sensation was incredible, the pool of water was building, and the pleasured, submissive moans were not faked.Jay enjoyed being on top of this woman, stroking in & out. The always pleasurable sounds of his flesh and her wetness, and her moans made him believe that she enjoyed it as well. Earlier she had lifted one leg, and he promptly shifted his arm to ‘trap’ her calf so that the leg was lifted and supported up, and he could feel how that change the silky glove he thrust in to. Jay was not just simply ‘stroking/pounding,’ but was moving slower, with deliberateness, and he was particularly enjoying the “circle-grind” movement, and it made this woman’s breasts jiggle, and her voice to moan. It was jay’s turn to feel the start of a wave, and it was a wave he did not want just yet, so he needed to switch it,久久青青无码亚洲av黑人 and he remembered something. Slowing to a stop, he gave this woman long, passionate kiss, while releasing her leg. Then, while fully inserted, Jay shifted himself up. He could immediately feel his dick rub something…his target. Jay was now towering over this woman as he made slow, small, gentle, down-up (as opposed to in-out) movements with his hips instead of his arms. He watched with a smile as this woman’s face changed.Anna was enjoying what was going on, just concentrating on the sensation. Her Lover slowed, then his position changed. At first she was not sure why, as he was, due to his naturally tall height, towering over her, then his hip movements began. Small & slow, and up & down, he was rubbing her clit…the CAT technique! She knew this well, and she also knew it was her kryptonite. Anna had to look up to see Her Lover, and as she did so her face changed to that look of total pleasure. She had been told that her face had a pleading look to it. But the only pleading was for him to NOT stop. Anna’s voice changed from a pleasured moan to one that was higher and pitch, and bit rushed. The pool was suddenly much more full, and the wave was building. Instinctively, Anna wrapped her legs around her Lover. Her moans were sharper now, and her breathing was in a pant – the wave was on its way. “J-Jay…” she got out.Jay wished at this moment he was not so tall. This woman looked so open, so vulnerable, and he deeply wanted to kiss her, but the feeling he was delivering was too powerful to break for a kiss. Seeing this incredible woman react to him this way was powerful and now, his pool was full as well. He made a deep grunting growl. He was going to dump a second load, no doubt about it. His pace quickened and he looked down at the woman, she quickly said his name and he knew she agreed. His hips moved faster, they were moving by themselves now, and Jay tried to hold on.Anna did not need to say anything. She & Her Lover’s gyrations were producing the same sexual tune. She saw him break his eye contact and look up – his neck muscles were very tight. She knew he was Cumming , and she was too. She heard Her Lover make a deep, roaring growl, and she heard her body producing one too.Jay wanted to hold on, but could no longer. His body was having a second, incredibly intense orgasm. He was not even aware that he could do that until right now. He broke his gaze and looked away, desperate, but his mind was showing no mercy. Once again, it was Biology, and jay Fortson was about to dump a second load into this woman. He heard this woman as she began to make a wail, her orgasm was happening too. Unable to hold any longer, Jay let go.In mighty crescendo, the two lover’s mutual orgasms wails filled the house, and carried on for some time, or so it seemed. Then at last, the two fell together in a shared, sweat-covered, intertwined heap. They remained this way for a time, allowing the afterglow to wash over them both. Knowing that their time was coming to an end, at last they mutually got out of bed to get dressed.Unlike other times, this time Jay’s Woman followed him down the stairs and stopped at the so-frequently used side door. Jay was out of words, as he knew what he had to do. Reaching into his bag, he removed a large manila envelope, stuffed with a pair of thumb drives. “Pet,” he said softly, “Here is everything as promised. I am a man of my word.” He sighed as he handed it over. “Tomorrow morning, I head off to my family’s beach home several states away. So this…this is the end.” Jay gave her a last kiss on the head, and, opening the door, said “I wish things were different. You are an incredible woman, but this is where our roads part.” Looking at her one last time, he added, “I will never forget. Anna Panone, you are now free.” He stepped thru and closed the door, trying not to show the tears in his eyes. Jay walked quickly home.A pair of great feeling swept over Anna. One was relief. It was over. She could go back to her life, she was at last, free. But there was another feeling. One of deep loss and regret. Anna had only had a mutual orgasm with one other man, and she was now married to him. Anna was sick with herself because deep down, a tiny part of her had begun to enjoy this. She had broken the bonds of marriage with the only man she would ever truly love, the only person she wanted to grow old with, but at the same time, the way Her Lover had simply left her…it made her want to cry.It was over, and they both walked away. Jay had to get home and clean himself up, and pack. He would go as soon as his parents would let him. Anna went to do the same. She had not only herself to get clean, but she had a bedroom to clean up as well. EPILOGUEJay spent the next few days before his family arrived at the beach house on Florida’s Forgotten Coast getting the place cleaned and open for them. He was pretty sure they wanted to give him ‘space’ in case he had a girl or something lined up, but he did not. Instead, he thought about the incredible experience he had, cleaned the house, mowed the lawn and the like, and half-wondered if the cops were going to show and arrest him. What he had done was sexual battery at best, and possibly much worse. By the time his parents had been there a for a week, he guessed that wasn’t going to happen. The house was on an island with a state park at one end. Jay had already noted several attractive girls walking the beach, but it wasn’t until he helped a lady that must have been 40 with her groceries, that he half-came out of his shell. She had long red hair, sunglasses and a petite frame under a sun hat. She smiled at this advances, and wrote down her number. Maybe Jay’s time had been well spent, after all.Anna was distant for a few days, then she absolutely clung to her husband. Although the real estate business was going slowly, things were picking up as the country opened back up, and Anna had some immediate success with the governance board. Things were falling back into place, and Anna knew she need only continue with things as-is. She dearly loved David, and resolved herself to be a good and proper wife. Poor David. After those few days of distance, she had practically attacked him several times per week. David Panone was n fool, and he was quite game to the increased sex drive, Anna just wondered if he could handle it, as she dressed for him. He would be home soon, and Anna was wearing a new black body stocking she’d just gotten, and was wet at the thought of him.



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