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but she tasted sweeter翁公的大龟廷进我身体里

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but she tasted sweeter翁公的大龟廷进我身体里

Eventually Ryan recovered enough to realize that he'd better do something fast.He leaped from the couch, and flew to the door, slamming it closed with his body as he said, "Whoa! Let's not go nuts."Ginger heaved an internal sigh of relief.If he'd let her get that door open any further she would have either had to run out screaming, or had her bluff effectively called.She quickly spun around to face him, sliding one hand up his thigh to rub his crotch, while she threw the other arm over his shoulder, pulling him down to her, and once again licking the blood from his neck.'That tastes good.' she thought as she lapped up his blood, and sweat. She decided to make a little mental note of it as she cooed in Ryan's ear, "I was hoping you'd see things my way."He shifted uncomfortably under her touch as he replied, "Well you're not really giving me much of a choice, are you?"She pressed her ample breasts up against him as she fondled his cock through his trousers, moaning, "Mmmmm come on Ryan, don't be like that. Just relax, and enjoy it."One arm was still propped against the door, and the other hung at his side as he said sarcastically, "Well you know Ginger, it would be a lot easier to relax, and enjoy it if you weren't blackmailing me."She slipped the hand on his cock around his waist, pressing her body as firmly as she could against his."Blackmail is such an ugly word." she pouted, before pulling his head down, standing on tip toe so that she could get her mouth right next to his ear before whispering, "I prefer extortion. The X makes it sound sexy."Ryan let out a little chuckle at that despite himself.He had to admit that it was pretty funny, and knowing her she probably had it written down somewhere under the heading, “Things to say if Ryan mentions blackmail”.She leaned back, and gave him a crooked smile, “Oh did you like that?” she asked mischievously. Ryan's body stiffened, and he took a stern expression as he said, “Okay Ginger, you've got me. What do you want?”She leaned her head, and shoulders back away from him, and said with a pout, “I'm sorry,” as she pushed her hips against him, slipping her hands from around his waist, and pulling her skirt up. “Have I not been clear?” she asked innocently, biting her lip, as she rolled her hips, slowly grinding her moist naked pussy against the hard bulge in his trousers.It was crystal clear to Ryan what she wanted, and that's what made it so unbelievable.It just seemed too much like a middle aged man's fantasy to be real.'So this hot, stupidly hot, crazy little bitch sets you up with this hardcore blackmail scenario,' he said to himself. 'So what? So she can force you to fuck her? Come on!?!?!'“You just want to fuck me?” he asked incredulously.She pouted, pressing her hands against his chest, and grinding her little pussy against his hard shaft more slowly as she panted, “Well that, and I want to suck your cock, and I want you to lick...”“Lick your pussy.” he finished for her. “That's it?” he asked in disbelief, his own breath starting to quicken as his cock leaked precum into his pants.Her now wet pussy rubbing against him as she panted, and moaned was really starting to get to himAlthough he hated the idea of being forced to do anything翁公的大龟廷进我身体里, he had to admit that ravishing her teen aged body was not the most unpleasant thing she could have demanded.“Uuughh.” he grunted翁公的大龟廷进我身体里, lifting her skirt back up, looking down at her shaved pussy as he felt her hot juice soak through his pants.“God damn,” he panted. “Are you really that hot to fuck me?”She slid her hands down, and started unbuckling his belt, giggling as she said, “Duh!”He nodded his head, chuckling as he finally decided to just go with it.“Okay, okay,” he said with a smirk. “So what was all this about sucking my dick, and doing it good?”She looked up at him, crinkling her nose as she unbuttoned, and unzipped his trousers.“Now that's more like it.” she said enthusiastically, slowly dropping into a crouch in front of him until she was right at eye level with his crotch.She slowly pulled his pants down, forcing his hard cock downward so that she was able to get them to about mid thigh before it popped out from behind the elastic waist band of his underwear.“Ooooo.” she squealed in delight as his prick bobbed up in front of her face.She leaned forward, quickly brushing her tongue across the tip of his penis.His dick reacted to the contact by bobbing up a little as she sucked in a quick hissing breath.“Oh neat.” she giggled, then aiming right for the piss hole, she gave his tip another quick lick with the tip of her tongue.“Sssss.” he hissed, sucking in his breath as his cock throbbed again to the moist flick of her tongue.She pulled his pants to his knees, and one hand reached out, fondling his balls, while the other hand grabbed the base of his shaft, giving it a nice squeeze.She looked up, meeting Ryan's expression of lust, and disbelief with a big shit eating grin.As her tongue snaked out, and began stroking, and caressing the head of his penis she realized that she'd never seen it naked, and erect.She felt her little pussy get wetter as she took the head into her mouth, thinking to herself, 'It's a little bigger than I thought. Cool!'He could feel her pigtails in between his fingers as he grasped her head, panting, “Sssss, damn, ooo, fuck yeah.” in response to her rubbing the underside of the tip with her tongue as she bobbed her head, sucking hard.Each time she took a little more of his cock into her mouth, and bobbed a little faster until she was sliding his thick shaft in, and out at a good fucking pace, her lips bumping the fist with which she was pumping the base of his dick.“Ssssss, nnnnggghh.” Ryan hissed, and grunted as he watched this pretty red headed girl sucking his cock.Well she had definitely kept that promise.She was doing it good.Damn good!Ryan couldn't imagine were she'd learned to do that, and truth be told, if he'd found out he probably would have wished he hadn't.The shape, and texture of his thick meat in her mouth made her so wet that her juice was running down the inside of her thigh as she gathered a little patch of saliva on her tongue, and began rubbing it vigorously under the head of his penis, sucking it in, and out if her mouth, shuddering in ecstasy.She had wanted this for so long that she almost couldn't remember a time when she hadn't.She had spent so many nights hungering for this, and more than one night crying for fear that it might never happen, that now that she had him to do with as she pleased, it was exciting beyond belief.Her mouth watered as she sucked his cock, making obscene slurping sounds.Suddenly Ryan started pumping his hips, and Ginger pulled her mouth off with a loud slurp, and a wild look in her eyes as she panted, “Yeah, fuck me in my mouth.”That was all he needed to hear.He tightened his grip on her pigtails, and began thrusting into her mouth.“Guh, guh, guh, guh, guh.” she gurgled as the head of his cock repeatedly struck the back of her throat.Her pussy tingled as she felt him thrust harder, pushing his stiff penis down her throat, and she threw her hands up to her neck so that she could feel it expand with each powerful stroke.“Oh yeah,” he hissed, throat fucking her hard. “You like it when I fuck your pretty face, don'cha?”He pulled his cock out to allow her to answer, and with tears streaming down her face she spat out breathlessly, “God yes!” before taking him back into her mouth, and sucking him like she was possessed.Ryan grasped her head even tighter as his mouth dropped open, and breathed out a long, and almost silent “Oh!” at the intense pleasure she was inflicting on him by forcing his cock down her throat.Ginger was really blowing his mind as well as his cock, and he knew that if this went on much longer he'd soon be blasting his hot sperm down her throat, but he wasn't ready to cum just yet.No, there was still too much fun to be had. He felt his balls draw up, and with an almost super human effort of will he pulled her off of his throbbing prick, just barely managing to forestall his orgasm.She tried to fight him, attempting to take him back into her mouth, but he slapped her lightly across the cheek, saying firmly, “No Ginger, not yet my sweet little cock slut.”Ginger let out a loud moan of pain, and pleasure, her hot swollen pussy juicing up even more in admiration of the strength of will it must have taken not to just cum in her mouth.“Do it again.” she panted, her eyes wide with excitement. “Slap me again, please.” feeling an odd sense of power in submitting to the raw sexual being she had awakened.Without even thinking twice he once again struck her across the cheek, just a little bit harder, and his cock twitched at the sharp contact with her hot, blushing face.She gasped, turning her head with the slap, and then before she had time to react he'd pulled her to her feet, and thrown her over his shoulder.By this time his pants had fallen down around his ankles, so it was a simple matter to just step out of them.She let out an excited squeal as he carried her towards the bedroom, and then he slapped her on the ass.She let out an even louder squeal, and she was still giggling when he flung her onto the bed.He pulled his shirt off, dropped to his knees on the floor, pulling her to the edge of the bed, and opening her creamy thighs.Her girlish giggle was soon transformed into a low guttural moan as he attacked her wet, young vagina with his mouth. She grasped his head, pushing her hips up as he worked her stiff little clitoris with his tongue, and began fingering her hot,国产69精品久久久久9999不卡 little hole.Ginger had done this before, but never had she felt the touch of such a skilled lover.By the time he started working his second finger in she was going wild with pleasure, thrashing her head around, and almost screaming in ecstasy.Ryan was himself completely enthralled in her wet, pink little pussy.He had tasted a lot of women in his time, but she tasted sweeter, and muskier than any woman he'd ever been with.He sucked her clit, flicking it with his tongue, as he thrust two fingers into her tight hole, and he could feel her thighs quiver beneath him, telling him that she would soon be climaxing.This only encouraged him to suck harder, and finger fuck her faster, in anticipation of her sweet cum.As she began to moan loud, rolling her hips, he quickly shifted so that he was tongue fucking her while his thumb worked her stiff clitty, and as her cunt began pumping out joy juice he sucked it up as if it were the best thing he'd ever had in his mouth.Hell, it was the best thing he'd ever had in his mouth.“Oh yeah, fuck yes!” Ginger cried out, shivering, and writhing with the power of her orgasm, but just when she thought it was winding down, Ryan began licking, and rubbing her with renewed vigor, and she started cumming even harder.Suddenly she found herself in this cycle of multiple orgasms, each more powerful than the last, and occurring so close together that not only did she lose count, she lost the ability to even think straight.It got so intense that she felt like she was going crazy, and then she did something that she'd never thought she would do.She began pushing his head back, and crying, “No, puh-please, I can't-can't take anymore!”As fast as Ryan was sucking, and swallowing, she was pumping out her juice even faster, and she could feel it running down over her tight little pucker, but she was even more surprised when she felt Ryan's tongue slide down, and lick her asshole.For a moment, and she honestly couldn't say how long it lasted, she totally lost touch with reality, drifting in a seemingly infinite limbo of sexual pleasure.When she finally started coming down, the first thing she became aware of was that she was panting hard, and then she felt Ryan's hands massaging her inner thighs.She blinked, and as her vision returned she looked down to see him staring at her pink, swollen vagina, licking the juice from his face.He pulled her thick outer lips open, and said, “Mmmm, look at that sweet little pussy.”She couldn't believe how intense this was, and she threw arms over her head, taking deep breaths as little shivers ran up, and down her body.“Oh god,” she gasped. “My fingers are tingling.” and Ryan chose that moment to get to his feet, bending his knees until his cock was level with her hot, aroused vagina.She was so sensitive down there that as he slapped the top of her fat hairless mound with the tip of his stiff penis she whimpered, and threw her hands against his stomach, attempting to push him away, but she was far too weak.He firmly grasped her wrists, and pinned them over her head as he laid his body on top of hers, pressing his chest against her tits, and kissing her face.“Wait, please.” she pleaded as he rolled his hips, the head of his cock slipping through her thick, moist folds.“No? Please?” he asked mockingly, and as he pushed the head of his hard dick into her tight, wet pussyhe growled, “You asked for it, and now you're gonna get it you little bitch.”Ginger felt intense fear welling up inside her, because even though she had planned, and manipulated Ryan into this position, she really, and truly felt that she was now completely out of control of the situation.However, along with feeling more scared than she'd ever been since, well ever, she also felt more turned on than she'd ever felt in her young life, and it was so confusing that she didn't know how to react, but then as he started slowly working the head of his cock in, and out of her slick hole she began screaming, “Oh god, you son of a bitch!” panting, and bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts. “Fuck me you bastard!”As she whimpered, moaned, and writhed beneath him, he began going a little faster, and deeper with every thrust.Every time he pushed in deeper she gasped, and cried out with a mixture of pain, and pleasure.He was a little surprised at how hard, and horny this was making him.She had been a very naughty girl, and he was going to punish her with his hard cock, fucking her until she begged for mercy, and she was already whimpering, and crying.Before long he was pounding all the way into her, their hot, sweating bodies slapping together as he grunted like an animal, and took her with a sheer lust that he'd never felt before.The feeling of his strong hands holding her writs as he fucked her hard was too much to resist, and she wrapped her slender legs around him, submitting to his raw sexual power.She had never allowed herself to give up so completely to another person, and even though she was still a little frightened by it, she also felt oddly free.Now, as his hard cock continuously thrust into her wet pussy, she realized that this was exactly what she'd been craving all these years, and that she had been right in thinking that Ryan was the man to give it to her.Ryan licked the tears from her face, and moaned, “Ooohh yeah, you like this cock up in you.” as he felt her hot little pussy flexing around his thrusting tool.She shuddered, and squealed beneath him as she had yet another orgasm, and it's intensity was taking him along with it. “Oh fuck!” he grunted. “I'm gonna cum.”“YES!” Ginger cried out. “Cum inside me, cum in my pussy.”That was all that Ryan could take, and he thrust all the way into her, grunting loudly as his cock throbbed, squirting his thick sperm deep into her hot pussy.She started getting off even harder, and as he released her wrists, she threw her arms around him, and her little cunt milked his cum out of him. “Uuugghh, uuugghhh, uuugghh, uuugghhh.” he grunted to the rhythm of his cock emptying it's load into her.He slid his arms around her body, lifting it off the mattress, and squeezing her tight as they orgasmed together, losing themselves in each others embrace.It was a bizarre feeling, it felt like he wasn't just inside her body, but inside her head as well, and he felt a rush of emotion swelling in his chest.For Ginger this was the culmination of years of careful plotting.Even her cousin Tammy, and Tammy's friend Emma had given her advice on how to lure him in, but it was only now, as he held her in his arms, with his cum inside her that she could admit to herself how she really felt.She was in love with him, and as she began coming down off of her orgasm, the impossibility of her situation suddenly dawned on her.Ginger was young, but she wasn't stupid.He was thirty years old, and she was seventeen, how could this ever work?She burst into tears, and held onto him as if he might slip away from her at any moment.“Shh, shh, it's okay baby.” he soothed, attempting to comfort her, cradling her head on his shoulder, and holding her body tight.“No!” she wept. “It's not okay. How could I do this to you? I love you! I'm just a stupid little girl, and I love you!”She was becoming emotional to the point of hysteria, all her conflicting emotions came gushing to the surface for the first time, and it felt like it was killing her, but at the same time she felt an odd sense of relief.Finally being able to admit to herself, and to him, how she really felt was like putting down a heavy load that she hadn't even realized until this moment that she'd been carrying.However, she also felt exposed, naked, and raw in a way that she'd never allowed herself to be before.That second before he reacted to her declaration seemed to last an eternity, and when he took his arms from around her, grasping her head in his hands, staring deeply into eyes, she was so filled with hope, and despair that she thought her heart might burst.


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