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as I want18禁美女黄网站色大片免费看

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as I want18禁美女黄网站色大片免费看

(Please give me votes, but also comments and constructive criticism too! – ENJOY!!!)It was with a sense of dread that Anna drove home. Her normal workday was a half-day in the now empty office, the rest either from home or on the road, so being out of touch was not unusual, and right now she truly regretted it. On her way home she had gotten a text from her tormentor. “You’ll make time 2-5PM” was all it said.The houses were just far away enough from each other that Jay did not hear her car pull in at her house, but he was sure she was there. She was nothing if not a creature of promptness &habit. After a quick test of the pinhole cameras and other hidden gear he had setup, and knowing she had been home for a bit, he texted her at 1:45 and said simply, “Come over”He chuckled at her reply “over there?” to which he in turn responded “No, the Fucking courthouse. Here NOW. Do as told”At exactly 2PM, Jay saw a shadow at the side porch, Opening the door, he could sense the attitude in the air. “come in.” he said with a knowing smile.Anna was not one to be bossed about by any man, much less one young enough to be her kid. On the other hand, she could not piss him off either. “Look Jay, I’ve thought about and I’m not..”“WOMAN,” Jay responded firmly, cutting her off, then in a calmer tone said “Look, Anna, if you don’t like this arrangement, then you feel free to end it. I’ll send off the info I have to your husband, along with a contact I have at the local paper, and also to a few reporters at two of the local TV stations, I’m sure nothing will come of it.” He ended it with a sneer.Seeing her hang her head, Jay countered, “here’s how it is. I am stuck here for the next week or so, then I am outta here, so tell you what. You just do what I want, when I want, as I want, like yesterday, and when I’m gone, I turn it all over to you to destroy. I’m out of your life, forever.”Anna had at least a window, an end point that she could see, and that was better than nothing. She allowed herself to be led upstairs and in the process just sort of numbed out. Damn kid was saying something about the house, hell, she didn’t know or care. Would have been different were she single or in a bad marriage, but neither was the case, and the thought of having to suck dick again just mortified her. But she tuned in when she realized they were making their way to his room.Jay led his little prize into his room. It was, actually a rather unremarkable room “I know,” he said, “As soon as I moved out to school, they turned MY room into a home office, so I have this guest room, but it’s not too bad.” The Room had a twin size bed with lattice head and foot boards that sported extended balusters, and a matching Solid oak dresser, actually quite nice. Off to the side of that was a gaming console, flat screen, and a chair. Seeing the look on her face, Jay sat in the chair across from the bed and, positioning her in front of him he sat in the gaming chair. As he did so, he discreetly bumped a remote he had concealed under the chair. Keeping eye contact, Jay said quietly, “Remember Anna, I keep my bargains, and the bargain I made is 1+ week of ‘fun’, hmm?” Seeing her give an almost imperceptible nod, he smiled, “Ok Anna…good. Today is going to be very different from yesterday, you’ll see. Let’s start by having you undress, down to your underwear, right here in front of me.”Anna had to admit that, were it husband, or rather were it done another way, it would have been sweet the way she was swept up the stairs, & spoken to in such a calming voice. It was not how she was used to being treated. No…it was that she was being forced, that is what is it was. Be that as it may, she knew she had to go with it, so she maintained her composure. Looking over the boy as though he were not there, she unbuttoned her pants, then untucked her shirt, and pulled it over her head, to reveal a soft cotton bra with a light floral print. She accepted his hand as she stepped out of her shoes, how odd it was that he as being nice about this, keeping her steady. She really didn’t mind as he turned her so that she showed off her behind as she lowered her pants, then stepped out of them.She kept herself mentally ‘separated’ as the boy guided her, and now she did the basically the same for him. He was obviously working out, and was on the verge of getting a great bod. Still some pudge, but not bad really. She was thankful that he did not have her linger at his waist as she knelt and removed his boxers. The kid did have a decent sized dick and she figured that was what today would be about. Again she kept that distance as she felt him remove the last bits of clothing from her, and they both stood naked. Anna’s gym time meant she knew she had a great body for a woman of her age, and by the angle of his stiffy, she figured he knew it too.In Basic Philosophy Jay had learned that all people were naturally submissive, and by taking his ‘air of aggression’ Jay was finding this to be the case. “On the bed, on your back, across the middle” he said in a blunt, matter-of-fact manner, and liked that she naturally did it. Shifting a standing mirror to the far side of the bed, Jay then took a robe sash from under the bed and using a simple knot from Boy Scout days, wrapped Anna’s hands together at the wrists. “Don’t worry….” Jay said with a sly grin and, pulling her hands back and over her head, he quickly tied them off. She was now where he wanted her, lying across the bed, her calves and feet hanging off the edge, unable to touch the floor.Anna had a small panic attack as she was tied to the bed. She and David had done this before and she liked it, but this was not David, and she was not expecting ‘The Kid’ to do this. Anna closed her eyes, & tried to relax, and she admitted to herself that it helped that he was now very gently touching her, running his fingers along her thighs, her sides, he shoulders, in an almost tickling fashion. She did admit it felt good, and she liked that he did this with her breasts, squeezing and lightly tugging her nipples, something her husband never did. Again were the situation different,办公室娇喘的短裙老师在线视频 she would be into this, and Anna was pushing that feeling out of her mind, when Jay spoke.“Well Pet,” Jay cooed softly, “I have to say, this is one sexy body…” as he said that, he added some light kisses. Her erect nipples had not escaped his eye, so Jay took a moment to take one in his mouth. He heard her gasp as he enjoyed suckling it a moment, teasing it with his tongue, then he released it, and stood, noting her eyes popped open, watching him. Jay smiled large and said, “Well Pet, yesterday was most assuredly about me & my fun, but today, well…it’s still my fun,” and Jay removed a Hitachi wand from his dresser, “But I’m gonna have it with your body.” Waving the Hitachi he added “like the new toy, Toy?”‘OH SHIT’ Anna thought. While she had accepted that she was going to have to let him violate her, she had promised herself that she was not going to cum for The Kid…and now this. She now realized she had truly underestimated him. The only she could do was to look at Jay, who she was now thinking of as the kid, and with a pleading look said “Jay…..”Jay still held a second sash, and this one he used to tie her leg just above the knee opposite him, then tie that to the footboard. Ignoring her pleading look, jay said “Pet…yesterday we got to see my orgasm. Now, I want to see yours.” Giving her a tug towards him pulled the tied leg away, and kneeling at the edge of the bed, Jay now had a fully unobstructed view of her pussy. Flipping on the Hitachi, Jay ran his finger of one hand smoothly and lightly up the inside of her thigh, then across and thru her pubic hair, the Hitachi in the other hand following along. Making eye contact he smiled and cooed “Now I want t my pet to enjoy this…” and taking the Hitachi, he touched it to the base of her pussy and moved it up towards her clit. Reaching that, he began a series of slow, light circles. The effect was not long in coming.Anna’s senses were peaked by the application of the Hitachi, despite her best efforts to not. The tease along her thighs and thru her pubes was erotic and she felt herself tense. ‘Damn that kid’s hide,’ she thought, then pushed it out of her head. She tugged her leg against the binds, but they held, and he had a firm grasp on the ‘free’ leg. It oddly excited her? Then, it was time and she gasp hard as she felt it touch her vagina, in fact it made her grunt, then the feel of it moving up made her squirm. Her body was beginning to ‘flow’ against her will. Pulling against her bound arms only made it worse…and excited her at the same time. “Nuh-NO!” She found herself saying – J-Jay..please…”Jay smiled wickedly and raised his head just a bit, looking down at his Toy. Anna Panone’s body was reacting to the stimulus now, and a forced orgasm was inevitable, it was all Biology now, and he knew it. Continuing to make those circles, he now noticed that the wand had a ‘wet’ sound at the bottom, & at her clit, Anna was furrowing her brow and emitting whimpering noises. She had her chin tucked, , and her eyes closed, but still, he could see her body tensing and releasing as he worked up and down…up and down. Now her mouth was open and she was panting too. As if to emphasize who was in control, Jay abruptly pulled the wand away. Seeing her eyes fly open, Jay grinned, flashing his teeth…and started the whole process over again. She was at his mercy now, and Jay was in no mood to show mercy. After all, they had at least two hours yet.Anna was fighting her body’s responses, but it was a losing battle. ‘DAMN HIM’ she thought, would be different if he hadn’t actually been caring and sweet, damn this kid. She wanted to remain ‘pure’ to her husband, but this felt so good. Her eyes were clamped shut, but damn the feeling of the Hitachi on her was just too much, how did he know she had one of her own? He couldn’t-who is making that noise?’ she thought, only to realize it was HER, she was at first making a whimper sound, but now it was a moan. “Ohhhh…GAH……” she uttered. The start/stop was only making it worse, and when she pulled against her bonds, it was that much more of a turn on. She was panting and moaning loudly now, No, she couldn’t take it. When Anna heard her own wetness on the wand, she surrendered, and trying vainly to tuck in, she finally released her orgasm, accentuated with a deep “AAAh-UUuhhhhhhh…….” And ending with a whimper.It was over, The Kid had won. She at last opened her eyes, panting heavily. Looking down, she could see her chest heaving, sweat on her breasts. She looked at her tormentor with burning anger. ‘You won, Damn you,’ she thought, ‘but It’s over.’ His dick was erect and looked to be red, and she knew what was next. It was only then that she felt his hand slide up and take her breast in hand, then he lowered his mouth to suckle it. In her heightened state it was great, and she tried to push that aside….it was only then she realized, to her shock, it was NOT over, not at all.




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