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she pulled it back无码人妻久久一区二区三区

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she pulled it back无码人妻久久一区二区三区

It was late afternoon when my custom-painted-Porsche Cayenne pulled in to the lot of the Coombs Inn, a quaint little B&B in the historic district, just off the boardwalk, at the mouth of the Apalach river.“Wha…why here?” Jordynn asked.“I help the couple that own this place” I reply. “My place is in the gated community over on St. Georgina Island, right on the beach. You really didn’t think I’d take you there, do you?” I let that insult burn in, then continued, “These people keep a little bungalow held just for me. Ever wonder why circuit judges & power-people stay here?” Pulling down to the end, there was one small bungalow separate from the main building, connected only by a sidewalk. As we enter the place I tell her “So J…like I said before, here is where you get to prove your commitment.”Jordynn walked in and turning, in her best pleading voice said “Johnathan…….”“You know,” I tell her, “I have my fingers in a lot of things. Like I am aware that you & David are applying for some type of disability income, plus rental assistance. Let’s just say I can help or hurt that process.” I had the Johnsons that own this Inn hold this for me. I provided the furniture, and they keep the room clean, the linens changed, and don’t ask questions. Let’s just say the room has had it’s uses.”I smiled smugly as I took a seat in the large wicker padded chair, & I discreetly flipped the hidden switch controlling the multiple pinhole cameras I had located in the room on. Smiling, I tell Jordynn “OK J, stand right here,” indicating the spot, “Undress for me, but leave the panties.” Seeing her start to turn away I stop her “No Ma’am! You look at me while you strip.”“Does it make you feel good to treat me like this?” Jordynn hissed. Pulling her blouse over her head revealed some ink and the strapless, underwire bra supporting her generous C cups.“Did it make you feel good to shame me so much growing up?” I shot back, adding in a lewd manner “Love those barbell nipples…”Jordynn huffed as she released the bra and allowed ‘em to swing free. Kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her pants she said. “But Johnathan, I have really repented– ““Like Hell you have.” I blurted out, cutting her off. Standing up & stepping towards Jordynn, I continued, “Like when your Cousin Jessica set that Prom date with me, then stood me up? That kind of repentance?” Jordynn’s pants were already undone, so I grabbed them. “You NEVER letup on me Jordynn,” and with a forceful jerk I yanked her pants down as far as her knees, making her yelp, “So why SHOULD I let up on you?” Opposite the antique wrought Iron bed was a huge, three panel antique dressing mirror. I turned Jordynn to face it and with one hand I held her by the hair and neck, the other hand, I reached around, gave her breast a slow, deliberate squeeze. My chin was on her shoulder as I toyed with the ‘barbell’ nipple. Sighing in her ear, I then trailed my hand down to her matching boi cut lace panties. Tugging the hem I whispered “Action have consequences., ‘J’……so I want you to get on the coffee table, on your knees.”As I let go of Jordynn, I turned and from the bed, I pulled a large, custom stitched pillow, and draped it over the coffee table, then I too began to undress. She was making little sniffling noises as she did as told. “I can almost get you convincing dumb guys to beat on me,” I said as I undressed and unlike Jordynn, I carefully folded my fitted suit and hung it over a nearby chair. Looking back at her I said “But that date-thing, that was really over the top. “I mean that is when I knew one day….you’d pay.”You could hear Jordynn’s voice crack when she said “But John, it wasn’t me…not that….”I was in pretty decent shape, still tall and lean compared to Jordynn’s petite frame. “I took that abuse. Now it’s your turn. Jordynn, you either put that face down in that pillow and stick that ass straight up, and take what you got coming, or you leave, & your man goes to prison, and you two can kiss any supplementary income goodbye.” I waited a few seconds, then finished with “Well?”Silent except for sniffles, Jordynn leaned forward and put her face in the pillow, accepting her fate.Jordynn had always had an exceptionally nice ass. I mean, I had always known that, even when we were kids. Always I only gotten to view it from afar growing up, and while she was a total-bitch-tormentor, I had always marveled at her ass…..and now here it was, in all it’s glory. Jordynn’s Panties were this white lace and teal green satin combo, and I had to stop a sec and look at that wonderful, perfectly round mound of flesh. On top of that, the angle made her cunt ‘print’ or ‘camel-toe’ from behind just right. I mean, it really made my mouth water, and my dick stiff.Knowing there was a pinhole camera in the dresser &opposite the bed, I stepped over and, as began to rub her ass (causing her a tiny gasp) I said “face to the right, dear, hair back.” At this point Jordynn appeared to be in an almost trance, though she did immediately do as told, even sweeping her hair back so I could see her face; she knew what was next.‘SLAP!’ My hand smacked her ass, hard.Jordynn jumped a bit, adding a distinct “UH!”. She then added a tiny, very quiet “sor-ry…” but she jumped & had the same reaction as she was spanked again. And again……And again…And yet twice more. “Owwww…” she said, getting her voice back. “John-…AH_OUCH!” as she got her ass slapped yet again. I wasn’t going easy,a级片 & her ass was a very bright pink now, and she moved her hand back to block me.“Actions have consequences, now move that damn hand woman,” I said sternly.Sniffling and with a tear-filled eye, she pulled it back, whimpering something about be sorry, but after the humiliation and the beatings over more than two decades, I wasn’t feeling particularly merciful….but I was feeling evil, so I decided to put that into play. Stepping back, I made sure she heard my phone making the shutter sound as I took several pics of her gorgeous, pink, spanked ass sticking up like that. Setting the phone on the bed,from under a pillow I pulled a corded Hitachi wand. As I stepped back over to Jordynn, she started to whimper, but instead of a slap, I simply flipped on the Hitachi and pushed it up against her pussy as it ‘printed’ in her panties.“Ah-OHHhhh………” Jordynn said, her tone very much changing in response to this ‘new stimuli.’.The spanking had shocked her out of her trance, and even though she kept her cheek pressed into the pillow like it was welded, she looked at me with a face of total confusion. I continued lightly touching and then pushing the Hitachi against her pussy, and now made tiny-tiny circles as well. Jordynn’s breathing picked up, and after a bit more, she began to ‘lean’ back into the wand, and close her eyes.Just then I removed the Hitachi and…..***SLAP!***The process started over, she was spanked again. And again……And yet again. She yelped louder now, but her grunts were a bit more like moans.She was almost crying now, so using the Hitachi, I continued the slap/vibrate the process. This time, Jordynn reached back and tried to grasp her panties to pull them down, but I stopped her by raising my hand. I then reapplied the wand, and I could hear pussy making wet gurgling sounds thru the fabric. The panty-fabric was now very dark green & clearly soaked, her eyes were shut, and Jordynn was leaning back in as before, making soft whimper/moaning sounds and panting. Jordynn’s body had betrayed her, just as I had hoped. It would have been sweet…but this was my tormentor, so I whipped the Hitachi away, and raised my hand to strike.“Ah-WAIT!” Jordyn called out, and holding a hand out as though she might try to stop me, I could see tears in her eyes. “Wh-Wh-Why?” she stammered out thru tears.“Now you know how it feels Jor-DInn…” I said with a sneer, “Now you know…”Seeing me raise my hand again, Jordyn screamed “NOOO!” and holding a hand back, pleading she begged me “NO-PLEASE Joh-ha-ha-n-nnn…” dissolving into sobs.Seeing her cry like that was somehow strangely satisfying, and the wet panties made me hard…or maybe it was some of both. Either way, I moved that hand away to show I wasn’t going to spank her, & tossed the Hitachi onto the bed, while saying “Ok…..Ok……” in a soothing manner. Jordynn had to understand what was coming next, as she shifted her leg position to allow to more easily lower her panties. She was starting at me wild-eyed though, as I pulled my aching cock out of my boxer briefs. I guess I should have said something dramatic, to really impact her even more, but when the tip of my leaking dick rubbed that spot where a woman’s thighs meet her ass, that natural opening at the top of her legs, the little head took over, and in a smooth, continuous stroke I pu-u-u-u-u-shed inside my tormentor’s soaking wet pussy, in as far as I could possibly go, fully balls deep.“AH_uh-h-h-h-hhhhhh…..” was all Jordynn could say, as her body yielded to the incoming cock. Jordynn had been fucking for many, many years, so this wasn’t her first cock by any means, but she did also emit a tiny bit of whimper as she shifted to accommodate this one’s thickness, and it caused small shudder. It remained still for a moment, and as Jordynn was wondering why her body had betrayed her like this, almost eagerly dampening and then accepting her tormentor’s shaft, she felt the shaft buried inside her begin to move.Most guys would start slow, but I wanted her to remember this, whether the feeling as good or bad, so I grabbed her hips and began to THRUST in her, hard, totally balls deep from the ‘jump’.I wanted her to knowI was totally taking it out on her pussy, So from the start I didn’t thrust forward, I slammed, and I heard her grunt & yelp in response. The sound was beautiful, & I hoped that the mics picked it up: ‘schla-a-ack’ as I pulled out, and ‘Uh!’ as I slammed in. “Take it!...” I heard myself say.“Take it you bitch!” and I smacked that ass again, letting her know at the moment, I owned it (Hey of you've read this far, tell me how you like it! - give me your comments!)

Bohemia Interactive的创始人兼CEOMarek Španěl随后说道:“之前的引擎我们用了十几年了,考虑到多核CPU已经是PC游戏的常态无码人妻久久一区二区三区,无论我调整了多少设置无码人妻久久一区二区三区,我都无法在《武装突袭3》或旧的《DayZ》mod中获得出色的帧速率。”


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